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How to Give a Foot Massage using Ayurvedic Body Massage

Learn how to give a foot massage using Ayurvedic body massage techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast massage video.


For Ayurvedic foot massage, I'm going to using warm oil, and I'm going to apply it in circular motions to the feet, both at the same time. I like as much as possible to do the massage with both hands at the same time, for balance, balancing the yin and the yang, so to speak, or what we call in Ayurveda, the ida and the pingala, the different channels of the left and right sides of the body, and the left and right side of the energy systems.

So I'm going to start here on the right foot, and I'm going do like squeezing for the feet, the idea is to get the oil into the feet, and also to give a nice, relaxing energy, because what my thoughts and my feelings are, while I'm massaging, are directly going to be received by my client. So it's important that I keep my heart open, I keep my breath steady, and that I'm very mindful. The techniques come second to that.

So I'm doing some traditional and some non-traditional foot strokes. I've had many Ayurvedic teachers teach different ways to do foot massage, the main thing is the heart and the intention behind it.

What's most important in doing the foot massage is really just to support the nourishing, relaxing energy of your client. Feet are grounding. And I like to end the foot massage with holding this point right at the bottom of the foot. It's a marma point. It's connected to the heart, and that is how to do a basic Ayurvedic foot massage.

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