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12 Self-Healing Ayurvedic Massage Techniques

Learn how to give a self-healing massage using Ayurvedic body massage techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video.


We are going to do a self-massage demonstrating, and I'm going to teach Andreas how to do self-massage. First, you are going to use the sesame oil, and if possible the oil is warm. If you live in a warm climate, you can have it out in the sun for a little while. You begin by putting about a few quarters of oil in your hand. Don't be shy, really squeeze it in there. Yeah, good.

Then you are going to rub the oil together in your hands, and get in there over your chest and then begin down your arms, massaging down your arms. Get your elbows. Then down to your wrists, and your hands. Pretty simple.

Important is to massage around your elbows, so massage the elbows in circles. Good! Around the shoulders it is nice to do circles, and then you can come and add more oil. I'll help you for now. A little less...rub it together, and you are going to do a little oil onto your head. Massage it into your scalp, more your scalp than your hair, and then rubbing gently over your face, starting from the midline and going out. Good.

Then down to your neck and your chest, then you are going to go down to your belly. You are going to do clockwise circles in your abdomen. Excellent. I'll give you some more oil. Just massage intuitively down your legs, rubbing first into your hands, massaging into the knees, and around the ankles. It's said that massaging your feet before bed is very good for rest. I have found this to be true, doing even like three minutes of foot massage before you go to sleep at night can be very rejuvenating.

There are many different kinds of herbal products that you can use, herbal oils, for self-massage. Basic sesame oil is the most common and most popular one. Good. The last part is really to do the back. I'll give you some oil. We are doing it sitting, but you can also do standing, and you are going to go kind of behind yourself, reach the areas that you can.

On your low back, it feels good to rub a little oil into your low back and where you can reach. This was a moderate amount of oil, and you can use a moderate amount or use can use a copious amount of oil for your body. It's just super nourishing, super good for healing, as well as sustaining health. That's how you do a Ayurvedic self-massage. Thank you so much.

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