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How to Give an Ayurvedic Baby Massage

Learn to give an Ayurvedic baby massage from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video about Ayurvedic body massage techniques.


Ayurvedic massage is great for babies. It's so effective for babies. It's
said traditionally that if babies get massage, starting at birth, that
babies will grow faster and be healthier. Babies will bond more quickly
with their mom. Babies will have a quicker healing. So wonderful for
babies, I recommend everybody massage their baby.

There's been a lot of research in the field of infant massage. It's been
shown that babies weight can go up really fast and babies grow faster when
getting massage. Touch Research Institute in Florida is an incredible
source for information of the benefits of Ayurvedic massage that have been
proven scientifically.

If your baby is very finicky and you find that she has a lot of energy and
is crying a lot, you can use lavender oil to massage her. You would use one
drop with one ounce of base for sesame oil. If the baby has colic and is
very red and kind of a fiery baby, you can use a cooling oil, like a
coconut. I would test a little bit of oil on the baby's arm before using it
all over her body.

Another oil to use for digestive issues for babies is fennel. Again, one
drop with an ounce of base oil, could be sunflower or sesame, could be very
effective. Olive oil, as well. It can be very effective in helping with
digestion for babies. Massage in a clockwise direction on the abdomen to
support digestion and to support overall health for your baby.

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