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Ayurvedic Massage vs. Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

Learn how Ayurvedic massage compares with Swedish massage and deep tissue massage from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video.


In Western massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, what we think of as our modern massage that we get at spas or that we get at the chiropractor that we get through our local practitioner, we are looking often at getting specific treatments for specific ailments that we're having. Oh, your back hurts, so you go and get a massage for your back. Or your shoulder hurts, so you get a massage for your shoulders.

In Ayurveda, we don't look at the person as their problems. We look at the person as a whole being, and so we treat you and we do sessions and specifically massage for you. In this case, from the angle of looking at you as a whole person. So whereas, if you came to get a Swedish massage, you would be getting a treatment for your back pain, just for your back pain.

In Ayurveda, I'm going to look at your constitution. I'm going to choose what oil for your body would be good for all of the systems in your body. I'm going to look at the different energy blockages in your energy flows as well as what your pain is. We don't separate the physical pain from seeing you as a whole person. And in that light, the treatments are focused on bringing balance, harmony, grounding, stimulation, depending on what the energy imbalance is that correlates to the physical health problem that you're having.

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