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How to Find Ayurvedic Massage Center & Masseur or Masseuse

Learn how to find an Ayurvedic massage center and a Ayurvedic masseur or masseuse from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video.


So if I was looking for a center, personally, to get Ayurvedic massage, I
would like a center where I know that the people are certified and have
really studied Ayurvedia.

What you'll find in the west is centers that have Ayurvedic practitioners,
are going to also support your healing from a perspective of not just your
massage, but from your whole lifestyle and all of your energy. So there's
going to be an honoring and a respect and all these qualities that come
with Ayurvedia for having an authentic Ayurvedic massage experience.

So that said, I think if you have a practitioner and a massage therapist
working together as a team, you're going to have an opportunity to have an
authentic experience and it's also going to be a little check point that,
"Oh, they're really doing the real deal."

If you go to a spa that does Ayurvedic treatments, you can get Ayurvedic
massage at a spa. That's another place that you could go. If they do Shirodhara
and if they have Ayurvedic products, they're going to have a
little more passion for it. If there's a passion for it, you'll see
Ayurvedia across the board in their offerings, not just in one separate
treatment. That's a good sign, that that's a place that you could go.

Also, in the future there's going to be more regulation. There's several
national organizations that certify practitioners and that will be
certifying yoga instructors and other Ayurvedic modalities. So you can stay
tune for that. One of them is NAMA National Ayurvedic Medical Association.

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