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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 48 - Chapter 7

Check out part 48 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Chris: Piers, I'm going to lower the ladder. Come on up.

Piers: I'm on it.

Enemy reinforcements are moving in! Finn, I need you here!

Finn: I've got a problem here that can't walk. Go on without me for now.

Chris: No one on this team gets left behind.

Piers: We'll hold our positions for now. I don't care if you have to drag him! Just get your butts up here!

Finn: Yes, sir! On my way!

Chris: We've got to keep this bridge secured until Finn gets back.

Piers: Finn! Report your current location!

Finn: I'm at the bottom of the ladder, sir! Almost there!

It's all set to blow!

Chris: Everyone, fall back and find cover.

Piers: Captain, we've got a railway gun in play!

Chris: Let it come as close as you can before you blow the charges. Finn, it's all on you now!

Finn: Roger that!

Sherry: Sherry Birkin, National Security!

Chris: Sherry Birkin? You were in Raccoon City.

Sherry: How do you know that?

Chris: Claire.

Sherry: Wait, are you Chris?

Chris: My sister has told me all about you.

Piers: Chris, that man is a wanted insurgent.

Sherry: Yes, he's a mercenary. But right now, he's under the protection of the U.S. Government. He's no threat to the BSAA.

Jake: Unless someone pays me to be.

Piers: What did you just say?

Jake: What?

Chris: Nothing.

HQ: HQ to Alpha Team, reinforcements are unable to land due to anti-aircraft artillery. Take them out.

Piers: Alpha Team copy. What the . . .

HQ: We're picking up a large bogey on radar. It's heading right for you.

Chris: We'll talk later. Right now, you need to find cover.

Echo: Alpha Team, this is Echo. Those three anti-aircraft turrets are holding us at bay.

Chris: Roger that, Echo. We'll take care of them for you.

Piers: Our first target is over here!

Sherry: Chris, we'll give you a hand!

Chris: Out of the question! You need to get to safety!

Sherry: Don't worry about me! I can handle myself, and you need the help!

Chris: Christ, my chances of survival were higher when I was a soldier of fortune!

Finn: I'm setting charges on the anti-aircraft gun now, but it's going to take a while. See if you can buy me some time.

I need you to distract that giant BOW. I can't work with that BOW around.

Sherry: Chris! We'll take care of one of those big ones!

Jake: Thanks for volunteering me for the job, babe!

Finn: I'm setting the charges now!

The charges are set! Everyone, get back!

HQ: Only two guns left.

Finn: Okay, head to the next target!

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