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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 58 - Chapter 8

Check out part 58 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Piers: This is Piers Nivans. Ada Wong is moving south towards the military port. Advising all personnel to be on the alert.

Don't bother. We can handle this. I've had enough of these stupid games.

Chris: Chris to HQ, round up all the exits.

HQ: Sorry, no can do. All of our units are currently engaged. They don't have any to spare.

Chris: Damn it! They think this is part of our plan?

Now we've got you.

Keep up Ada! We've got you!

You're not getting rid of us that easily. I'm the best driver the BSAA's got.

Man 1: Alpha come in. This is Delta. Do your zeroing in on Ada one. We're trying to hold out on our end, but we ain't going to last long. We've got to catch that woman before this gets any worse.

Chris: Don't worry soldier, we will. Just keep those civilians safe.

Man 1: Roger that. Good luck! Hopefully we can put an end to this shit storm. Delta out!

Man 2: Captain, there's a train coming!

Piers: Hey, grab your gun. I'm taking the wheel.

Hang on! We're taking a shortcut.

There we go. She's not getting away again. You're not going to lose us, Ada.

HQ: HQ to Alpha. We spotted an aircraft carrier of unknown origin and unarmed. Chatter we picked up indicates it might belong to the new umbrella.

Piers: And that's where Ada's headed, can't let her reach. Hold on! I'm going to jump it!

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