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How to Understand Your Body to Dance Hip-Hop

Learn how your body moves when you dance hip-hop in this Howcast dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Understanding your body is like understanding your personality. You have to know yourself, you have to know who you are as a person, rather than trying to be somebody else. You can watch me as I do my moves but you're never going to find yourself. What I'm doing is I'm basically showing you what I know. So, I'm giving you the basics. I'm just showing you what I know. And then you take that and turn it into your own thing. If you always try to imitate somebody else, you're never going to find your actual personality of who you are.

When I dance I like to dance goofy. So you'll see my personality in my dance. You'll see that I'm playing a joker, or I play a certain character.That's what you want to do when you basically are learning a routine. So you get the fundamentals of it down, you get the base of it. But then it's up to you to find your personality. It's up to you to find you. And that's going to help you understand your body and how it moves. Instead of me speaking with my mouth I'll be speaking with my body. So I'll be doing different body move's, just playing around, just like, you see that? I put my personality into my dance.

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