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How to Do a Hip-Hop Knee Spin

Learn how to do a knee spin in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


The first basic move I'm going to show you is the knee spins. As far as when you're freestyling or you're just dancing in general, coming out with choreo, it's not something you can basically start off with, it's something you have to work your way into.

Say for instance I'm doing boogaloo. Boogaloo is from the middle of the legs. It's all about motion, and it all falls back to knowing your body, because you have to find out from looking how I'm going to end up to the ground.

Say for instance I boog and I end up to the ground now. Now, from there, I can start in a knee spin. You can start on your right leg, left leg, whatever one you want, right knee or left knee. On this one, I'm going to start on my left knee because I feel comfortable, but with you, it's what you want to do, whatever you feel comfortable with.

From there, a knee spin would basically start from, boom. One more time, it's like you're spinning on top with your feet, but you use the force to help you go around. How I'm going to show you is, you're on your knees, take your right foot or whatever foot you're using, if you're on your right knee use your left foot and so and so. Basically you're going to use your arms to help you get the spin going. You just have to get the rotation to get the whole rotation from there.

You want to kind of put some force behind it, because you can't be lazy when you do it. You can't just be like... Because you're not going to go anywhere. Here we are. So, I'm on my left knee, and I'm going to go slow. It's going to automatically take you around, but what you want to try to do is kind of lift your right leg or your left, whatever knee you're using, lift that leg up just an inch or so. You don't have to lift it up too high, be all crazy like that. Just lift it up, just enough to get you around.

I'm going to go slow, I'm going to take it, and spin, boom. Some people like to keep their balance, some people like to drop. For me, I like to drop because I like to go on something else differently. One more time. I'm on my left knee, right leg here, I like to get a force going, and I'm spinning. See how I picked that foot up? I didn't pick it up too high, I picked it up just enough to get me around.

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