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How to Do a Hip-Hop Knee Slide

Learn how to do a knee slide in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


All right, so the next move you're about to learn is the knee slide, not the knee spin, but the knee slide. Now, I forgot an important tip to always mention. Sometimes, you might want to wear knee pads, because it gets kind of rough, sometimes. Just letting you know. So, If you like them, you see most B-boys wearing knee pads, then, like I say, because you don't want to mess up your knees. It will get to you, later on, down the road.

We're going to start out. Same thing, we're going to sit on the ground as we do with a knee spin, but instead of one knee, then, we'll get on two knees. I want to show you some fast motion, all right? So, like I say, it's all about pinning your style, finding your groove, because you have to know how your body's going to move when you're doing it. Everybody does the knee slide differently. All right?

So, we're going to start out. Go right into it, boom. Easy and basic, nothing busy, just easy and basic. What's up? Instead of one knee, two knees. Now, what you want to do, is your feet is going to play a big part in this. So, it's like a lean back, like I'm leaning back on my toes, tippy toes. So, you want to put your hands in the air. Do what you want with your hands. It doesn't matter. Your hands don't have to be a certain way. It's all about the knees and then the feet.

So, from a side view, your toes right here, you're going to lean push, lean and push. Your body is going to automatically move. Your body is going to automatically move. Sometimes, you can cheat with it and lift up a knee a little bit higher to get you over a little bit further, see? Boom. See, I'm cheating? Some people just go right into it, the slider. Some people just go right into it a little bit, find their own groove. Like I said, it's kind of like, think about, lean on your tippy toes, like your trying to stand up, but you're like that, but you're not coming up too high.

You're just coming up, just add enough to get you around, all right? As they always say, less is more. Trust me, that's true. So, same thing, tippy toes, slow mo, tippy toes, tippy toes. Now, you don't want to slam your knees when you turn. So, you just want to go smoothly. Like I said, it's all about knowing your body. It's all about knowing your body, all right?

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