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How to Use Your Fingers in Illusion Dance

Learn how to use your fingers in illusion dance in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


The next thing you're about to learn is fingers, finger illusions. All right. Now, illusion is a big word. Think about it. It's like a musician. Think of Houdini. When he does tricks, he uses his what? Fingers. So with fingers, you want to make everything magical. You want to make it seem what it's not. All right? So this basically helps you a lot to bring out your character and your personality. Okay. So, the basics is, you want to get a motion going. So how I learned, how I started, was all day I would go like this, like balling up a fist, balling up a fist, balling up fist. Pinky, ring finger, middle finger, index, thumb. So think about a motion, like a certain wave. You just go and then switch it.

So it's like you're hitting a desk like this, like you're bored. All right? And that helps you out a lot, because everything is all in the fingers. The illusions going to come in the fingers. It's going to help you define your personality and who you are, because when you're using your fingers, you have to play a character. You can't just be playing, that is, use your fingers, because it's going to look boring. You want the crowd to see your expressions on your face. The fingers are a big thing. So for instance, you're going to go here, just play around with it. Play around with your character like... Even if you want to go... So like I said, just start off with your thumbs, or if you want to start on the other side, this thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky.

Just bring it slow. Bring it in slow. Now another thing, think of trying to spread your fingers as wide as you can, as if you're trying to separate them. It's going to help you with the precision of them. Do you see that? Just like that, all right? It's going to kind of tighten up your muscles here, but that's what you want to do. That's going to help the effect. It's going to get that illusion going. Hey, yo, DJ, hit that.

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