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How to Do a Rise-Up in Hip-Hop Illusion Dance

Learn how to do a rise up move in illusion dance in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


So, the next move, once again, you're going to learn is the rise up. It's another illusion move, so it also falls with the ground moves. So remember, earlier, we learned the knee-spans, all right? This time, it's going to be an illusion. It's kind of complicated, a little bit, but it takes some time. But you can get it down. I've got faith in you, all right?

So, here we are. I'm going to start you on the ground here, because I like the fall, but I'm going to start you with the basics, all right? You might see some people do it and then go, they hop up, then go right in to it. Well, I'm going to teach you the cooler way. I want to teach you where it makes it look like you came right out of the floor, all right?

So, what you want to do it is, you want to think of a back-bend. Think of your body kind of like this, all right? Except, you're coming from the floor. So what you want to do is, you want to take your leg, whatever leg you feel comfortable with, and you're going to use that to come up, all right? But it's a quick force, so it's like, you've got to kick. You've got to kick a little hard, but not too much. See that? All right.

So, once again, I'm down. It's like a pushup position. On your knee right here, so like, for instance, see my left knee? I'm on my left knee a little bit, all right? But at the same time, I'm going to bend my back. So before I get into it, this is my position, and then I'm going to kick that, so it's like your leg is extended, like you're trying to run on your knees, all right? So, push-up position, come up, low.

So, the trick, the key to it, extend this leg as far as you can, all right? The leg you're going to kick with, extend it, because it's going to help you come up, all right? It's not so much about kicking so hard, but it's about finding your motion, finding the rhythm of your body, all right? Yo. Drop the beat.

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