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How to Do a Hip-Hop Krumping Buck Hop

Learn how to do a krumping buck hop in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


What I just showed you, that's krumping. krumping is another form of dance where you add your personality.All right? So don't be scared to play any character. Don't be scared to dig deep in a situation, because what you want to do is, you want to tell a story, but through your body. Say, when the music is going, listen to the beat and get into it. I'm going to show you a couple basic things you can go ahead and use to help you out to have a foundation. Then we're going to go from there. All right? Get ready.

The buck hop is basically, I would say, more to help you get a bounce going, to kind of get you into your routine, to kind of get you ready, preparing yourself to get into it. The buck hop is basically a form of, "Hey, get out of my way, here I am. This is my time to shine. Step out." So I'm going to show you little basic ways to go about the buck hop. You can do the buck hop in many different ways. Okay? Here we go. The buck hop, you get into your groove, you get into your groove, and you just boom. Pretty basic, that's it. Just like... That's it. It's kind of like a huck. You can cross, you can boom, buck hopping.

Think about it. When you're more into the dance, it's going to get aggressive. It's going to get a little heavy. Krump is more of an aggressive dance, but you could also add you personality as in being goofy or silly. All right? Like I said, just think about going a little harder than what you normally do. Say I'm into it, I'm... From there, all right? It's basically like, "Hey, move. I'm here. Here I go. I'm about to start." Check it out, and let's see what you got.
Yo, DJ, hit that.

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