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How to Do a Hip-Hop Krumping Chest Pop

Learn how to do a krumping chest pop in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


The next move of krumping you are going to learn the chest pop. Now, the
chest pop is pretty basic because everything it fits into one. Everything
that I am going to show is going to all play into one, all right?

So the chest pop is easy. Just, it's more of a bounce. Get a bounce going in your
step, when you are krumping. See how I'm moving my feet? Boom. See that?
Just chest popping, that's it. Chest pop is pretty basic. It's like, from
the side just, boom, boom, boom.

I'm pretty sure when you saw it out dancing you seeing people chest popping all the time.
Like ha, ha, ha. Same thing, all right? But except you're adding more emotion to it. You're
being a little bit aggressive with it all right? So use that to your advantage. Get
that bounce going in your step. You get a bounce going. Find you, find like
a slag you want to hold your hands differently, or boom boom.

All right? Same thing, it is all going to play into one.
All right, practice, try it out, and go to the next one. DJ, hit it.

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