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How to Do Hip-Hop Krumping Patterns

Learn how to do krumping patterns in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


So, patterns, when you crumping, this is basically all is just your fundamental stuff, all right? To get you in the groove, to get you with crumping. Patterns, when you start patterns, incorporate any type of dance. Whether it's locking, whether it's popping, whether it's just plain hip-hop, or waving, anything, but think about it, you're telling a story through your body. All right, you're showing how you're feeling at that moment.

So tell me, show me, do anything you want to basically tell me what you feeling, all right? So like I said, but it has to make sense, because you can't just be like, all right, I'm a go here, boom, I'm just like ok, like, what is this dude doing, like, tell me something, alright? Tell me how you feeling, so I could respond to it.

So, for instance, I'm crumping, I'm ha, ha. I like to sometimes start here, just like, I hit, boom, come back, here, boom, bring it down. You know what I'm saying? Incorporate different things, you can, you can sometimes tuck with it, just whoosh. Bring it down, push your leg, bring it out, boom, boom. You know, play around. You can even incorporate that with it.

Everything we learned, everything I showed you, incorporate it to crumping. So, like I said, this is basically your fundamentals. This is your basic stuff. Boom, chest pop, step, ha, ha, now tell me a story. So from there you go, like that, just play around with it, all right? Play around with it, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

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