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How to Hip-Hop Swag Dance

Learn how to swag dance in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Swag dancing is a new subject.

So, same thing. It's like getting in the groove with your step. Say for instance, you're doing a choreo, or you're at a club, you're just chilling with your boys, or what not, think about it this way. If you're in a club, it's like, you got the Duggy, the Cat Daddy, the basic little fundamental dance you can do. But, you can do the dance, but not have no swag, or no flavor to it. You could be just like this. Like I said, when you add swag, it's like. Like you're adding your own style to it. Same thing with the dancing. So same thing with the swag dance. Say for instance, you're doing a choreo, and they be like, 'All right, this, boom.'

So you want to be smooth with it, be smooth. Think about like boom. All right? Same thing, just like boom. Same thing. It's all about the facial expressions. It's all about your body language. So, like I said, think about being smooth when you're dancing, but at the same time hitting it, because you're cool.

You kinda want to have that mind frame like, there's nothing wrong with being a little cocky in some of your dance steps. There's nothing wrong with that. It's adding character. It's giving more. Like I said, if you want to have that slide. Same thing, swag dancing. Just add it with anything.

DJ, hit it.

See what I'm doing? It's like I'm adding swag. I've got the whole facial expression going. Same thing.

Find your personality, add your swag to the your dances, and go from there. Get that groove.

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