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How to Do a Hip-Hop House Spin

Learn how to do a house spin in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


House spin. Basic spin. You've seen Michael Jackson do it, you've seen James Brown do it. The only difference is you putting your own style into it. So I see some people that always spin one leg. Some people can just...boom. It doesn't matter where you put your leg at, just get a spin going.

So, you're in your groove, you're in your groove...boom. Spin or spin or spin. Anyway you want to spin, alright? So like I say, you're in your groove. Ha. You're grooving, you're grooving, you're grooving. Turn. Right back into it. Turn. Right back into it. Alright?

So remember, house dance is more of like a lean back, lean back, lean. Alright? So think about it that way. So when you've got your rhythm down, you're going into it. Boom, boom, boom, spin. No matter how you spin, just add some flavor and style to it, alright?

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