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How to Do a Hip-Hop Arm Pop

Learn how to do an arm pop in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Now we are going to work on the arm pops. So, you had your exercises in, you are ready to go, you got the motion going, you're ready in your zone. Now, how we are going to start is, we are going to start with the right hand, alright?

Remember, when you are popping, you are actually flexing, you're showing your muscles. Remember that? You're showing the muscles as well as a dance stop. So you are going to raise your arm up. See, that's like you are stopping, like "wait", switch it up, wait, switch it up, wait.

Basically what you want to do is, as you were working with the other exercises we did earlier, you are just practicing different angles. You can hit here, hit there, hit there, there, anywhere you want, all right?

Basically, you are popping with the arms. It's the arm pops. It does not have to be at the same angle, you can do both, both, both, both. See that? It’s only stops, it's stopping, stopping, stopping, stopping. You’re flexing each time. You can put it with any motion. You can even put it with the wave. See that? It turned to a tick. All right.

So remember, another thing to help you when you pop, just think of the same thing where you were reaching out, spread your fingers out a little bit, all right, it gives that affect. See that? Certain pops I like to start off with, especially to help you out at home, the ones I like to start off with are just basically the ones you hit here, hit there, hit there, hit there. Now, from here you can go into funk style.

Funk style is when you...right there. It's like adding a little Tut angle. You want to boom, boom, you can take it down, take it down, any side you want. Same things with the, here, here, here, here, here. Like I say, the basic one, you start here, start there, then you can do like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six...just switch it up. Don't be scared to toss in something different.

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