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How to Do a Hip-Hop Leg Pop

Learn how to do a leg pop in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


All right, so, we just got done learning the arms. All right. So you practice
that for a little bit. Now we are going to move on to your next step,
all right? Your next one is going to be your legs. You want to focus on the
legs, the legs play a big role when it comes to popping, all right?

So, some things to help you get that going, get that motion going. Think of, like a
twitch, or something that is crawling on your leg, and you freak out, you
are like whoa. It's basically the same exact thing, all right? So it's like
flexing your legs, but it's a quick hit, all right?

So think about like a twitch, twitch, twitch. This plays a big part, all right?
A big part with your arms and your whole entire body. So just twitch, twitch, twitch.
The thing about a reaction, this is a quick reaction, that's it. It's like whoa.
Whoa. Wait, hold on. Same thing, all right? So you can use it in different
dance styles and in different movements, all right? So it's going to help
combine with the arms.

So as you're popping with the top you are popping with the whole body, you
are going to pop with the right side. Think about hitting your leg at the
same time because it is going to help show more of the effect on your body.
So you hit, hit, hit, hit. Hear that? Just like boom, like... You get
your start, like you're just walking in, you're walking into a battle.
You're walking. You're looking at them. You just turn. All right?

There's also different ways you can do the leg pop, all right? For my
example, sometimes I stand in place, like the hit. Other ways you can do
it, you can do it with a walk. Like you do. Pop. So just whatever
you feel comfortable with. Like I said you can do the walk, you can do
walking with it, you can do stand in place.

Stand, stand, stand. Or you can turn to the side and just hah, hah, hah.
Anyway you want. It don't necessarily have to be one leg at a time. It can
be both legs. It can be boom. It helps you like a reaction. So if you want
to go into like a slow-mo. See that? See how my legs popped? Moving
in slow-mo. It plays a big part in everything you do. So when you
are free styling, the legs are going to hit automatically, all right? You
just have to know your body, you have to know what move you are going to do
next. You have to know what you are going to hit next. So you have to know
how to mix it up together. All right? So don't be scared to try something

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