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How to Do a Hip-Hop Locking Wrist Roll

Learn how to do locking wrist rolls in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Next subject that we're on is locking. Locking is a form of being goofy.
Think about being silly. This is going to help you bring out your
personality; bring out your character, alright. When you're locking we're
going to start with the wrist rolls.

The wrist rolls is the basic thing we're going to start off with, alright.
Just think about balling up your fist and rolling, alright, both rolling,
rolling. The roll just don't have to be up top you can bring it down, you
can bring it down. You can bring it here. You can bring it there. You can
bring it anywhere around, alright. It's about the wrist rolls. It's like,
just there. You see how ...Your personality, your character's going
to come out regardless. It's like a goofy dance, alright. You see that?
It's all wrist rolls, wrist rolls.

A way to practice is when you're at home just sitting there bored just go
down, then reverse it up, down then reverse up, alright? Down, reverse up,
alright? Some people like to ball their fist up. I don't necessarily ball
my fist all the way up I keep them at a loose angle because I don't want my
wrist to be so tight. I want to kind of get a motion going. Just think
about like ...I can do something like ...toot-toot, toot-toot, like that.
Just think about not balling your fist all the way up. Leave them loose a
little bit, alright? Kind of get some of the effect going just like that,
alright? Up, reverse, down, up, reverse, down, alright? Try it out.

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