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How to Lock Your Legs in Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to lock your legs in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Yo, What up? All right. So, we got the wrist rolls, the points, now we're going to go to the leg. Now the legs play a very big part because you're moving when you're locking. You're moving you're jumping your bouncing. You're going everywhere all right. So you got to use your whole entire area. Do not limit yourself all right? Have fun with this okay?

So, remember when I was showing you how you have this. You see how you're moving your legs so you're pointing. You're pointing. You're pointing. Now, this is where you'll be creative. You can. See what I did right there? It's like I did a kick. I did a kick, step. Boom. Because it all plays a part with locking all right? So you got this leg here, boom, kick, step, kick step. It's like getting a groove with it. Boom. All right? You can always do here, move kick, kick. See look watch this. See, boom boom boom boom. See how I pointed with the kick? Same thing. All right? You can do a leg kick, boom. Anyway you want. Just move your legs around. Get a little groove going. Get your groove going. All right.

Something I like to do with my legs, you want to get that bounce going. That bounce is going to help you lock. It's going to help you lock. So, the thing about that like, bah bah. See how I'm hitting the shoulders with it, you also pin the legs with those okay? So it's like you can do here, bah bam. Or another thing I like to so. Sometimes I move with the hop. Incorporate your legs. Jump around. Move around. Get a bounce going. Get that bounce going. Boom, all right? Five, six, seven, eight. Got kick, step, kick, step, kick, kick, kick. So, five, six, seven, eight. Kick, kick, kick, kick, and lock.

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