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Basics of Boogaloo Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to do boogaloo basics in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Alright. So. Boogaloo. Boogaloo is more of an old-school style all right? It started back in the '70s. So. Boogaloo is basically from the hips all the way down, alright? I mean, you can put upper body with it. I'll start you out with the basics, though. I'll start you out with the hips and the legs, alright?

So Boogaloo is a certain motion. You're moving with your legs. Alright, see the motion I'm moving? This is your basic Boogaloo, alright? So it's you're just going around. Going around. Reverse. Same thing. Same thing.

Alright so it's like a leg motion. Alright, you can use Boogaloo for everything, trust me. You can Boog' to the ground, you can Boog' coming back up.

I'm going to show you some basic ground moves that we used earlier and I'm going to show you how to incorporate with Boogaloo.

So like I said you start here, go down, basically it's like you bend your knees. You bend your knees into it. See that? Bend. Around. Bend. Around. Bend. Around. You can also bend. Step. Boom. Bend. Step. See how I'm getting legs moving? It's motion. Motion. Alright, it looks like you're kind of on your tippy-toes sometimes, like getting tippy-toes in. Alright you get a little further back because if you're on your heels it's kind of hard to balance. You're going to end up on your tippy-toes regardless. So you can start here. Boom.

So that's your basic Boogaloo. So like I said just get the bend in your legs and just roll. Roll. Roll. Reverse. Roll. Roll, alright?

So from the hips all the way down. Practice it out and go to the next move, alright?

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