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How to Do a Hip-Hop Boogaloo Kick

Learn how to do boogaloo kicks in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


So you have your basic boogaloo, which is circling motions with the bending with the legs in different directions. Now, I'm going to have you boogaloo kick. A boogaloo kick is basically the same exact thing, but you're adding a kick with it. All right? It's like a kick, it's a kick-out. You're going to lift, think about a kick like how you might kick a kickball or any ball. Just kick, boom. You see that? Just faster motion, it's going to... You see that? Same thing, opposite side. Kick, boom. Like I say, it's just another basic move. It's helping you find your own style. So one more time, just kick, step.

Here we go, so we did a boom. You see that? From there, you can just roll it in, step. Same thing. Kick, roll it, step. Now, you can also use that in many different ways. A kick will help you go out, like you can boom. See how I get to the ground? That kick can help you get to the ground. You just go in here, go to the ground. It's going to be kind of weird because you're going to be right there. Think about it. You say kicks kind of help you get to the ground sometimes, so you boom. Right there. You can go in different directions, you can boogaloo right back up.

Remember, it's a form of motion with your legs, just circular motion, circular motion. You can go here, you can go there, boom. You can walk with it. All right? Let's say it one more time. Do the kick, kick, step, kick, step. Simple, easy. Here's a simple exercise that you can do at home and practice out. So I'm just going to do what we did earlier. Kick, roll, step. Reverse, kick, roll, step. It's helps you gain your foundation. It's helping you getting your basics. Kick, roll, step. Kick, roll, step. Kick, roll, step. And then when we start getting the groove, we can start going to the ground with it. All right? Roll, step, and you go to the ground here, kick, roll, to the ground. Then from there, roll back up, boom.

Like I say, use that basic to help you out and get you in the groove, and then take it from there. All right?

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