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How to Do an Old Skool Kris Kross Hit Dance Move

Learn how to do an old skool kris kross dance move in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


You did the pump, slide, pump, slide. Now you're going to learn the criss cross Hit, alright? So it's, think about the criss cross like this. criss cross, criss cross. Alright? But this time what you're going to do is you're going to criss cross hit. Alright so it's like you're throwing out your body like- like your turn, your turn.

Alright, you see my legs? My legs are kind of going out. They're going out, okay? So you did a hit, boom. So you did criss cross hit, criss cross hit, criss cross together. You see that? So just easy and basic. Just criss cross, criss cross, pump, criss cross, criss cross. Alright? So you see it's all with the legs though. It's all with the legs. You've got this motion. You can do- I don't even need to move my legs to do that. Ha, ha. See it's like a groove. It's a groove. Alright? So the main thing you want to do is you want to get that. You want to get that - Alright?

So here we go from the top. Five, six, seven, eight. criss cross, criss cross, alright? So you don't necessarily have to - you can switch, switch, switch, switch. Alright? So it's a criss cross. Alright. Now let's try it with the music, alright? See I make my own style when I'm doing double. Alright, so like I said you can do two, you can do three, you can do as many as you want. Alright? Just have fun with it. It's like a groove. Groove, groove, seven, eight. Hit.

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