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How to Dance to M.C. Hammer's "Too Legit"

Learn how to dance to the M.C. Hammer hit "Too Legit" in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


You just learned Michael Jackson's Beat It. Next to learn is M.C. Hammer's Too Legit To Quit. All right so, think about it this way, M.C. Hammer is a more energetic dancer, so with this one you have to put some energy behind it.

I'm going to show you some basic counts and then we're going to go from there. Okay? What you want to do is get a little room, cause you're going to have a little hop. What you do is you want to hop, all right? So it's like you're flexing, like you're swinging both of your legs, like that all right, so, step back, five six, seven eight, hop. Then you're going to bring it back, all right? Hop one, bring it back two. From there you're just going to bring it around, so the legs are going to play a big part. So you've got to get that effect like this.

Just think of it like this, just keep wiggling your legs, all right? So what you want to do is, boom, all right? So you just want to bring it around, bring it around the head, it'll be kind of a fast one, your going to go, hah, boom, right into it, all right. So you want to wiggle your legs, hit, hit. Okay, so we're going to go from there, so five, six, seven, eight hop, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and there, okay?

So you bring it around your head the first time, then you hit, hit, bring it around your head a second time, from there you're just going to go, boom, boom. All right so remember when we did the whole hit hit, same thing. You throw your feet outward, feet going out, out, out, out, al right
So, we did the hop, pop, bring her back, go around the head with the wiggle with the feet. You hit, hit, go around the head again, bring it there, up, down, and now you just repeat it over and over all right?

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