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How to Dance Gangnam Style

Learn how to dance gangnam style in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.


Yo, what's up. Okay, so there's this hot new dance that's out right now. It's hilarious but it's (?). I like it. It's called Gangnam Style, alright? So Gangnam Style just from watching it, it's like they're adding their own style with it but they're doing certain dances like you can do like a smooth dance like...Alright? And then you have another one where you can go- It's fun. It's hilarious. It's like they're riding a pony or something. They're like...Like that, alright? Then you have the basic one where you can just go...just slow mo. Slow mo. But when you in a groove it's like...It's like you're playing the drums or something. You just kind of get in the...

Alright? So, I'm going to show you how to break some of those down so that when you go in the club and you hear that song come on you go Gangnam Style. You're going to be like, "Hey!" Alright? So here we go.

I'm going to start off with the basic one. Of course, you know how to do the pony ride so you're basically just going to hold your forearm like this, like you're blocking somebody, like you're swinging a rope, alright? So you're going to just basically do like this until you get a bounce going. It's like a walk. Add like two steps, two steps, two steps, two steps. Alright? So it's nothing complicated. Just something new, alright? So you've got your forearm here. You're swinging a rope, alright? Boom, boom, boom, boom. Alright?

Another one that's more of a, it's like a step slide but it's kind of like a groove. Like you just, like you're doing something like this. Boom. Alright, but the same time you're going- See how I move my feet? Alright, it's kind of weird how I move my feet. It's like a step, boom, step, boom. Step, it's a motion. It's more of a motion. Like I said this all comes with understanding your body and knowing how your body moves.

So like I said once you get a beat you're just going to hop, step, hop, boom. It feels like a kind of a wave with it. So kind of think about where you're coming from the top to the bottom so you can just...Alright? So like I said, you can [put] it different ways. You can put your hands behind your back, bring it forward, bring it up top, do whatever. Alright? So like I said, get creative with it.

And then the other one you're basically going to go like you're playing the drums. You're playing the drums from here. Alright? So any way you want but you're going to add a step, alright? So you kind of get like a bounce going. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Alright? So it's kind of like adding like a house dance with it but you just step, step, step, step, step. Alright? So try it out. Have fun with it. Do your own thing.

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