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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 70 - Chapter 11

Check out part 70 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Jake: What are you waiting for?

Sherry: Do I look like a circus acrobat to you? I'll find another way. Just don't wander off too far.

Jake: Don't worry. I won't run until I get my money.

Sherry: Give me a hand.

Jake: This is starting to feel like work. This whole place is falling apart. Easy does it.

Sherry: Okay. It looks like the BSAA have got their work cut out for them.

Jake: You don't know the half of it. Last I checked my employers had a tank parked on the other side of the river all the way to BSAA or leaving that bridge again on body bags.

Sherry: No, you're wrong. They're more resilient than you can imagine. Roger.

Jake: What the hell? Not one of those voided out breach you moron.

Sherry: Roger.

Jake: What do you think? Fight or flight?

Sherry: There's too many of them. I'm going to go with the flight. I'm on it!

Jake: All right. Where to?

Man: What's the matter?

Sherry: It's a waste of time.

Jake: Yeah. No shit.

Sherry: Run!

Jake: Eat this.

Sherry: Thanks for the warning.

Jake: Okay. We go to your plan. Son of a bitch, he's strong.

Sherry: Run!

Jake: Here goes nothing! It's always something with women. What the hell is that thing?

Sherry: He's tracking us. Well, technically you. Roger. Look, we can get out there.

Jake: This place looks like it's going to collapse, too. Somebody had to call the building inspector.

Sherry: Yeah. It's colder in here than it was outside. Roger. Damn it! They found us.

Jake: Shit. This assholes have anything better to do.

Sherry: Roger.

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