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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 75 - Chapter 12

Check out part 75 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Sherry: I'll go get help. It can't be that much further to the rendezvous.

Jake: Wait! So, you've always been like that? The whole healing thing?

Sherry: My dad was a scientist. He was working on BOWs when I was exposed. Luckily, I was treated with the vaccine before it was too late. But the virus adjusted and adapted, it's been a part of me ever since.

Jake: What happened to your father?

Sherry: His research killed him. By the time he died his body had mutated so much he wasn't even recognizable.

Jake: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Sherry: That's all right. Besides I didn't walk out of it empty-handed.

Jake: Yeah. You got superpowers.

Sherry: That's not what I meant. The people who saved me, Leon and Claire, are the closest friends I've ever had.

Jake: Claire is a BSAI guide system, right?

Sherry: They risk their lives for me back in Raccoon City. I guess I'm still just trying to live up to their example, never giving up no matter the odds.

Jake: Speaking of odds. Looks like we got some party crashers. This cap is invitation only.

Sherry: We're surrounded. It's an avalanche. Let's get out of here.

Jake: I told them to keep the noise down. Punch it before we get buried alive. The whole mountain is coming down. God must really hate us today.

Sherry: We'll make it. Just keep going. Anyway, I don't hate you.

Jake: Oh, great. That helps.

Sherry: Oh, no. Go right!

Jake: Keep your speed up! I don't want to be buried up here. This is not a good idea.

Sherry: Too late now. Jump! Are you okay?

Jake: Don't worry about me. I'm built like a tank.

Sherry: Fine. I won't. Let's go.

Jake: Wow. Nice and touchy. Watch your step.

Sherry: I wonder how deep this mine goes.

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