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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 85 - Chapter 13

Check out part 85 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Sherry: I think he's dead.

Jake: Let's hope it sticks.

Found us another boat.

Sherry: Just saw some sort of light or something in the water.

Jake: Jesus Christ!

Oh, really?

What the hell was that?

Sherry: I don't know, but whoever they are, they just saved my life.

Over there! That's the rendezvous point.

Jake: Worst boat ride since the Titanic!


Sherry: Jake!



All right, we'll be there as soon as we can.

Jake: Boss still keeping tabs on you, huh?

Sherry: For now.

Jake: Let's go then.

Sherry: Okay.

If Leon was right about Simmons, I want you to run no matter what happens. Promise me.

Jake: Fine.

Sherry: No! Wait!

Simmons: Oh, Agent Birkin, impeccable timing. Kindly take these two into custody, won't you?

Sherry: They said you were involved in the terrorist attack. Is it true?

Simmons: What? Are they running down the streets screaming it to anyone who'll listen?

Sherry: Answer me!

Simmons: It's for the benefit of the United States and global security!

Leon: I can't see how killing the president is good for the country!

Sherry: The president is dead?

Simmons: Well, we have Leon to thank for that.

Helena: God damn you, Simmons!

Simmons: Dispose of them.

Sherry: No!

Simmons: Hold your fire! Those two are still of use to us.

Leon: You need to be more careful.

Jake: All right, all right. So what's the plan, hero?

Leon: You think you can make it to that door?

Jake: Why don't we just waste them?

Leon: Because I need you to take care of Sherry.

Simmons: Can we wrap this up? I do have better things to do.

Sherry: What are you two going to do?

Helena: Finish Simmons.

Sherry: There's information on here that could stop the C-Virus. Simmons wants it.

Leon: Thanks. I'll put a call in to FOS, get you some protection. Now move!

Sherry: Go! Run!

Jake: Not a chance.

Sherry: You promised!

Jake: I lied.

Sherry: Jake!

Jake: Sherry!

Sherry: Jake!

Jake: Sherry!

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