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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 86 - Chapter 14

Check out part 86 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Sherry: I'm sorry. I trusted Simmons. I should have been able to see through his lies. This is all my fault.

Jake: You were just following orders. Right? You're doing the right thing. The vaccine. Save the world and all that. What the hell just happened?

Sherry: Of course, they took our weapons.

Jake: Hey, there's our gear!

Sherry: How do we get in there? Okay!

Jake: Good luck!

Sherry: Thanks.

Jake: Sherry!

Sherry: I'm all right!

Jake: You sure? Hey, break down the door! Save me from climbing through those air ducts. Not bad for a girl.

Sherry: My pleasure. Roger.

Computer: Electricity temporally reouted to incubation chamber. To activate elevator, please attach reserve battery.

Sherry: Reserve battery?

Jake: Where the hell is it?

Sherry: Won't know till we find it. Roger.

Computer: Reserve battery one, activated. Twenty-five percent charged.

Jake: We've got to get more? Damn it!

Sherry: Okay!

Jake: That's hardly practical. We got no choice!

Sherry: Really? There's no other way up? Well.

Jake: Sherry.

Sherry: Okay! Okay!

Computer: Reserve battery two, activated. Fifty percent charged.

Jake: All right. Half way there.

Sherry: Okay!

Computer: Reserve battery three, activated. Seventy-five percent charged.

Sherry: One more left! Okay!

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