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How to French Kiss like a Pro

Learn how to French kiss like a pro with the demonstration in this how to kiss video from Howcast.


How to French Kiss

When it comes to French kissing, there's a fine line between sexy and sloppy. Here's how to keep your smooches sensual.

You will need a clean mouth.

Step 1. Know what French kissing is. A kiss during which one or both partner's tongues enter the other person's mouth.

Step 2. Need we even say it? Have a clean mouth. If there's no way you can sneak out beforehand to brush, at least drink some water. It will flush away some of the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Step 3. Kiss without tongue until your partner indicates they are receptive to French kissing by parting their lips. Then slowly ease your tongue in their mouth.

Step 4. Start by making contact with just the tip of their tongue and then slowly extend your exploration. Keep your tongue moving. It shouldn't sit in your partner's mouth like a dead fish. But be gentle. It shouldn't feel like an eel was let loose in there either.

To keep your tongue motion smooth and steady, pretend you're savoring a soft swirl ice cream cone.

Step 5. Though French kissing is sometimes called "swapping spit," don't deposit so much saliva around your partner's mouth that they yearn for a face cloth.

Research shows that women in particular hate "too wet" kisses.

Step 6. Don't be so fixated on what your tongue is doing that you forget to use your hands. French kissing is hottest when it comes with plenty of stroking and caressing.

Did you know? 34 facial muscles are involved in the act of French kissing.

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