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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 91 - Chapter 15

Check out part 91 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Ada: You never did have taste, did you Simmons? It's locked. This is going to require a little effort, I assume. The view's blocked. Well that was a pain in the ass. I'm guessing team work isn't a strong point around here. That other crew has got to be back from Iraq.

Base computer: Authorization recognized. Access granted.

Ada: Wonder what else he has on file besides my prints.

Simmons: My dearest Ada Wong. Jake Muller has been located in the Republic of Edonia. Your mission is to find if his body has antibodies to the C-virus. We cannot allow a vaccine to be produced. Agent Birkin will be sent in to acquire the target. Your job is to ensure they escape the country alive. Good luck.

Ada: That was dated six months ago. That can't be right. Prioritized orders. Maybe that got passed down to someone else. I see you were expecting me. Sorry boys, no time. My dad's car already...

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