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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 94 - Chapter 15

Check out part 94 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Ada: Okay. Power's back.

Male 1: Hull collapse at 2500 feet, imminent.

Male 2: Answer all questions into the microphone.

Female: Identify yourself.

Ada: I'm a little busy right now. Try back in a little bit.

Female: Please state your name.

Ada: All right. I'll bite. Ada Wong.

Male 2: Authorization approved.

Female: Ms. Wong. Six months ago, you performed experiments on humans in Adonia. You were following Simmons' orders, but it was your choice to do so. How do you plan to atone for your crimes?

Ada: Interesting story. Might want to do some fact checking though. I don't work for Simmons. I've got nothing to atone for.

Male 2. Authorization approved.

Female: I know everything about you, Ms. Wong. Everything. I know what it is you're looking for, a world of chaos, am I right?

Ada: If you know me so well, you shouldn't need validation. A world of chaos? Not number one on my list, but it would make Simmons squirm, so I might reconsider.

Male 2: Authorization approved.

Female: Perfect answer. Now, a final question. Are you ready?

Ada: Hold that thought. It's my turn. Who are you?

Male 2: Authorization approved.

Female: I have no obligation to answer you. My final question. What are you fighting for?

Ada: Whatever the hell gets me my way, and the virus always seems to make a cameo.

Female: Hm. I like your answer. Identity verification complete. Simmons is waiting for you. I'm looking forward to see how this unfolds.

Male 2: Authorization complete. Releasing locks now.

Ada: I'm glad that's over.

Simmons: Find anything interesting?

Ada: A recording from six months ago.

Simmons: Then the trip was worthwhile. What's the matter? You still haven't figured it out. Allow me to clarify. Tomorrow, the US will suffer a mild terrorist attack. After that, Chine, and then major cities all around the world will suffer the same thing, at the hand of Neo-Umbrella's very own Ada Wong.

Ada: If you think I'm going to sit back, and be your scapegoat, Simmons, you've got another thing coming.

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