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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 108 - Chapter 19

Check out part 108 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Ada: Leon, ever the survivor. Oh, well, no rest for the weary.


Simmons: Ada!

Ada: Back for more? You really are a glutton for punishment.

Simmons: Ada, welcome back.

You've finally come back to me. You and I, we're destined to be together.

It was a mistake . . .

I made you! That means you must obey me!

Don't worry. I'll be gentle.

You're mine. Every inch of you belongs to me.

Give in to your feelings. You can't live without me!


Ada: You're disgusting! Let's get this straight. I'm not your little doll, Simmons. In fact, the only thing I have in common with her is hatred for you.

Appreciate the gesture. But I'm a big girl. I can handle this one alone, Leon.

Simmons: Ada! You were to be at my side when I sat on my throne. Why aren't you obeying me?

Helena: Ada, if you can hear me, shoot him. Now!

Ada: He's off to kill the competition.

Leon: Ada! Helena, cover me.

Helena: Leon!

Leon: Ada, can you hear me?

Don't let it end like this.

Simmons: Get away from her, Leon! You're not half the man she needs! Come with me, my love. We'll be together forever!

Leon: Not if I can help it.

Come on, wake up. If you're really Ada, I know you can pull through this. We both can.

Ada: I was just resting my eyes.

Leon: You shouldn't sleep on the job.

Ada: In case you haven't noticed, Simmons doesn't take rejection well.

Leon: Is there some backstory I should know here?

Ada: Nothing worthwhile.


Simmons: Do you want to live? Then beg, beg for your life!

Leon: I'll pass.

Ada: You can't always get what you want, Simmons!

Let's call this closure. You really should have moved on, Simmons.

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