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What Is an Average Public Relations Salary?

Learn what an average public relations salary is from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


How much does a job in public relations pay? PR is much more than the salary. Although you'll drink fine wine, attend the best parties, know the fashion trends before they hit the stores and have your finger on the pulse of everything happening. The starting salary in PR isn't large. You're not going to be able to move out of your five story walk-up just yet. Starting salary is about mid-20's. But then, when you get the be the account executive level, you'll move up to 40's and 50's. And then when you're a senior account executive, you can get into the 50's to 100. The thing about PR is it's more than just the money you make. It's the experience. It's the contacts. It's the relationships that you have. You can make anything happen in PR. So those types of relationships are priceless.

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