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Best Places to Find a Job in Public Relations

Learn about the best places to find jobs in public relations from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


The best places to find employment in the field of public relations is really agencies. Agencies are always looking for entry level or intern help. You may have to become an assistant to get to that next level. It's basically intern, assistant, and then junior account executive and then account executive. I would begin by taking information on meetings. What makes you valuable is your Rolodex, who you know and the experience that you've made. So if you take internships from when you're in college, you can go back to those agencies and apply. But I would also look for entertainment jobs. There's entertainment websites to go on where they list jobs, LinkedIn. The best way to break into the field of PR is really applying for it at an agency, maybe possibly taking an unpaid internship and working your way up.

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