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How to Put Together a Press Kit

Learn how to put together a press kit from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


So a press kit is a package of various communication materials that are meant to be distributed to everyone basically. A press kit is something that every client gets when they engage in a PR campaign with a PR agency. It's a very important package of information that basically sells the product or sells the person, or sells the restaurant, lounge, event.

So, depending on the client is going to depend what exactly goes into a press kit. But in general, it usually includes a bio, photos, a fact sheet, and then a sampling of the best press you've received throughout your PR campaign or throughout your career.

A press kit is used to sell the product, to sell the person, to sell the project, to sell the event. For example, a press kit on an event would include possibly the event invites, a list of photos of everybody who attended the event, and then all of the press placed post-event and pre-event. A press kit for a person would include their bio, would include their head shot, and then would include all the top press hits they received.

A press kit for a restaurant would include the chef bio, the owner bio, a fact sheet on the restaurant, menus, and then again all the press hits of saying why that restaurant is so great.

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