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How to Stage a Publicity Stunt

Learn what a publicity stunt is and how they are staged from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


So a publicity stunt is a planned event with the goal of gaining the media's attention and the public's attention. So it's a stunt to the word, exactly what a stunt is. It's a preplanned, to created a reaction. The only way to really describe what a publicity stunt is, is to give you some examples of publicity stunts that I've worked with in the past.

So, for example, I represented in the newspaper, AMBR. They were working with an advertiser, Unique Glow, and they decided to put out to the masses, "The first hundred people that show up in their underwear will receive," I think it was a full free outfit or something like that. So basically, I don't know. I don't want to say hundreds. Hundreds of people lined a Manhattan block in their underwear to get this free outfit or free something.

It created a huge stir. Can you imagine going to work that day and seeing like a block of people in their underwear? The media got attention to it. Newspapers covered it. People started Twittering about it, Instagram photos. It just became this viral publicity stunt, and it caught the attention of the public which is exactly what a publicity stunt is meant to do.

Another example is one of my clients was Jason Derulo. He had an album coming out. So he decided to go to Times Square and do a flash mob. So, can you imagine your favorite pop star, you're a tourist in Times Square, he goes in Times Square, the music goes on, everybody starts dancing and here's Jason Derulo.

He's releasing an album, he's got the hit number one song on the radio right now and he created this flash mob in the middle of Times Square. The media covered it. People wrote about it. People Twittered about it. It was a great publicity stunt.

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