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How to Arrange a Photo Op

Learn how to arrange a photo op from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


So, a photo op is an arranged photograph that you know that the media will like. So, if you're at an event and you have certain celebrities there, what you want to do is set up a photo op of certain celebrities hanging out. Basically, it's about getting the notables in the room and creating the perfect photo op that you know Us Weekly is going to run or the newspaper is going to pick up. That's one photo op.

Another photo op is something that you plan maybe outside of an event. You have a celebrity client that is going to the hospital that day to help deliver things to children, and making sure photographers are there, setting up that photo op with the celebrity and the children.

Another photo op would be maybe a ribbon cutting. The best way to set it up is you have your photographer that you trust that usually works with one of the major agencies from Wire Image to Wen, to Getty, to Splash, Pacific Coast News. You basically set up the perfect photo op that you know is going to place in the magazines and newspapers.

To give you like a good example of a photo op I personally did just recently is I am opening up a new restaurant and comedy club called Stand. And before it was open, it was still sort of a construction site. They had their logo up. We decided to get a celebrity comedian to come in and meet the owners and basically create a little buzz that this comedy club is soon to open.

So we had famous comedian, Judah Friedlander come down. I had somebody from Wire Image come down in the middle of the day and we set up a photo op. So basically, it was a photo of Judah Friedlander going into the construction site of the Stand, making sure that the logo of the new restaurant and comedy club was in the photo and him shaking the hand of the owner. Then we got that photo op in the daily news.

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