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How to Get a Client on a Talk Show

Learn how to get a client on a talk show from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


So getting a client on a talk show similar to an "Ellen" or an "Oprah" is not easy. Depending on what the client is, is going to depend where it's going to go on a talk show. So let's say it's a celebrity client. In order to get onto one of those types of talk shows, you need to have something to promote. You're not just going to get on to get on. So you need to have something new.

So it needs to be having a movie come out, or a new TV show or a book, or you're launching your new line of products, the celebrity products. That's really the only way you're going to get on the couch of "Oprah" or "Ellen" or something similar to that.

If it's a product that you're trying to get on the show, it's important to have a relationship with the producers, the producers of the show and know what topics they're going to be covering. A lot of the times I'll send packages to the producers and to the hosts in hopes that they'll like the product and there's a way we can work getting it on air somehow.

It's being creative, it's being strategic, and it's about having relationships with that talent producer and/or the show producer.

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