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How to Get a Client on a Radio Show

Learn how to get a client on a radio show from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


Radio, like TV, they have a talent producer and a producer of the radio show, so again, you are pitching to that talent producer and producer to get your clients on the radio. Again, you need to have something new and newsworthy to talk about; something to promote. That's how you're going to get on.

I love radio and I love setting up radio tours, because it's a very effective way to get a lot of interviews done in a short amount of time. You can do call-in, so basically, you can set up multiple radio stations all over the United States in an hour. It's called a radio tour, and you can really, really get your message out there in a wide way, doing the radio tour. But it's nothing different than pitching your client to a TV show. Got to work with the producer and the talent coordinator to secure these pieces.

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