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How to Find Your Target Audience

Learn how to find your target audience from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


Finding your target audience is a key to the successful PR campaign. You need to know your target before you pitch it. Think of it like that. A pitch goes to the target.

Every client's target audience is different, and you have to identify it. And you have to do that at the beginning of the campaign. With a restaurant, their target audience is consumers, food press, food blogs, celebrity guests, you know, New York prominent individuals depending on where the restaurant is. Let me give you an example of finding your target audience.

Let's say you're opening up a new restaurant. The target audience for that restaurant is a local consumer, travelers traveling into that city, it's the media, food critics, food blogs, event planners, and hotels concierges. Right there I've identified my audience for that particular client. So every press that I pitch is going to be trying to garner and reach that audience. So if I'm trying to reach event planners and concierges, I'm going to be pitching in travel magazines and local magazines and I'll be throwing parties specifically for those individuals.

In short, the target audience is the most important part of a PR campaign because that's who you're trying to reach. Every client has a different target audience. You need to identify it in the beginning of the PR campaign. We identify the target audience, and we find multiple ways to reach them, through the media, through events, and through just getting them in the door.

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