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How to Spin a Topic in PR

Learn how to spin a topic from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


Spinning a news topic is essentially spinning the facts in a creative way so that it benefits your client. PR people are known for their spin. I spin all day long and I don't even know it. I'm always turning a negative into a positive. I'm always looking at something that my client is involved in and spinning it so it's in the best light.

There's multiple definitions of a spin. Like something wrong could have gone on and you can take a look at the situation, pick out the positive parts and talk about those. So maybe for example, your client is smoking outside of a bar and doesn't take a cab because they won't allow that person to smoke in it. And they may call her a Diva, because she wouldn't get in the cab because they wouldn't let her smoke in it.

So I took a look at the situation and be like, you know actually she wants to smoke, she's a smoker. And she didn't take that particular cab because she didn't want to bother the cab driver with her smoke. So she wanted to wait until the next cab comes that wouldn't mind her smoking. That's a positive spin.

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