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How to Get a PR Internship

Learn how to get a public relations internship from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


How to Get an Internship in PR.

First, start out by checking your college job listing boards because all of the PR firms post internship opportunities on those boards. I have internships opportunities at NYU, FIT, all local colleges.

Another thing is networking. Maybe your parents have friends in the field of PR. A lot of my interns come from recommendations, from parents having their children wanting to get into the field of PR. My mom is always calling me like, "So-and-so's daughter wants to get into PR. Can you give her a PR job?" Yes, I'll give them an internship. In the summer, we're always looking for interns, but that's also the most competitive time because everybody is out of school looking for that internship. But we need interns all year round.

So if you really want to break into that, if there's a key company that you really want to be at, intern during the school semester. We're looking for fall and spring interns all the time, and it's less busy so you have more time to get your feet wet and gain even more valuable experience. In the summer, I have about ten interns, and sometimes they're twiddling their thumbs. But in the spring and in the fall, you are working.

Also, it's really important to know the company when you're applying for an internship and what they do. Don't walk in the door not knowing what type of PR firm it is. You need to know the clients that they represent and be intelligent, and know that because it's a very important thing for people looking to hire anyone from interns to actual job positions.

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