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Where to Pitch Your PR Clients

Learn where to pitch clients from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


So, a publicist's job is to pitch. And I find myself, I'm always pitching. No matter where I am, I'm always looking for opportunities of what would be a great place to have my client. You know, the world is... like there's so many places. You can get creative.

And so, your mind needs to always be thinking on how to get your client placed somewhere. So, I'm always pitching. A publicist is always on. And so, you're always thinking, even if you're like out in night club and you're on. Like, you're networking.

You're meeting people that can help you in your career or help your clients that you're representing. So, you're always pitching and you need to know every section of every magazine. I never read magazines the same any more because when I read a magazine, I'm looking at where I can pitch my client, where I can get them placed.

Even when I go out to dinner, I represent the tequila brand, the manager of the restaurant comes and sits at our table and start asking him about his tequila. And he doesn't carry the brand of tequila that I rep, so all of the sudden, I find myself going into a pitch on why he needs to carry that tequila brand.

And then I set up a tasting in the restaurant with the founders of the tequila the next day and they carry the brand. I mean, where to pitch... You can pitch everywhere. You, as a publicist, just need to have an innovative mind to always see opportunities that present themselves.

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