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Do's & Don'ts of Business Cards

Learn business card dos and don'ts from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


Business cards dos and don'ts. Do always have them on you, do have all your information on them, including your social media outlets, your website, and your twitter handler. Do make sure that it's creative on something that stands out. People get business cards all the time. If you find a way to make, like, your company and your brand stand out on your card, it's basically like a little mini advertisement for you.

It's a mini-billboard, it's basically a small branding tool that you will use while you're networking. So for example, I have a little puzzle piece. It clearly has my company name, my name, title, my website, my e-mail, my address, my phone, and my twitter handler, and it's everything that you need to know. So they get my card, its brand say creative, they flip it over and it says what we are, we are a PR marketing and branding firm.

One of the things I don't in business cards is when they're too plain, because too plain, when you're going through all your business cards, you may not remember who this person is, or what their company does. I really think an effective business card is, it has all the information on there.

You go to a networking event, you collect five to ten cards, you go back home, and you're looking at the card, and you go, oh, okay, Sally at just the name of her company, and it doesn't say what the company is, and then you have to take that time, like, Google the company and what they do.

And I just feel like when I collect cards that don't tell me what they are, it's hard for me to file them, first of all, because I file all my business cards in certain categories, and it's really frustrating that I have to do that, like, extra research to figure out what the company is, and why I need to be contacting them, and how they're going to help me in networking and, you know, stay in contact with them.

So I just think you need to have as much information on them as possible, they need to be informative, and they need to stand out, and again, it's an advertisement for you, and your company, and your brand, and business cards are very important.

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