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How to Work the Door at a Celebrity Event

Learn how to work the door at a celebrity event from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


How to work the door at a celebrity event. Basically, it's like working the door at any event except you're going to have a tight guest list, you're going to most likely be communicating via walkie-talkie or headphone. Usually at a celebrity event, the celebrities have their own entrance, which is through the red carpet. And then all the other people enter through a separate line.

At a very high profile celebrity event you're going to get a lot of party crashers. A lot of people don't want to get in. It's about knowing your list before hand, having it typed and being strict at the door because people will give you a great sales pitch on why they need to be into the party. Your list needs to be on point. When it comes to handling celebrities at a celebrity event, like it's important to communicate with their publicist upon arrival. Have a phone number so they can call you when they're arriving so then you can have another person of your team meet them at the red carpet, walk them down the red carpet, and then put them into their section or wherever their reserved seat is at the party.

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