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How to Organize a Celebrity Red Carpet Event

Learn how to organize a celebrity red carpet event from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


I have a very specific way that I like to organize my red carpet for a red carpet celebrity event. I always like to have a branded step-and-repeat. It's a red carpet event, I like to have a red carpet. Usually, I like it outside of the venue. I like there to be two entrances, one for regular guests and one for VIP celebrities. VIP celebrities are the celebrities that are walking the carpet.

I like to organize it photographers first and video at the end, video and then print. The purpose of that is, the celebrity walks on the carpet, there's no time to do an interview, and then all of the photographers will be trying to take pictures. It needs to be clean. They walk past all of the photographers, they do their photo-op and then they stop to talk to video.

Then they do their video interviews, and the video interviews need to have a visual behind them so it's very important that they go right after the photographers so they are still getting that branded step-and-repeat.

Then, they go talk to the writers, and that doesn't matter if they have a step-and-repeat behind them because it's just written interviews. That's the best way to organize it, it's my way.

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