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How to Write a Tip Sheet in PR

Learn how to write a tip sheet from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


A tip sheet is very similar to a media alert. You can use a tip sheet to send out to paparazzi's to tip them off who is going to be there. What I do when I throw an event, I send out my media alert, which is basically the who, what, when, where, why. And then the tip sheet is basically something that I hand out at the actual event that basically has all the celebrities that I expect there and a photo of them. And I call it a tip sheet so it gives them a tip of who that celebrity is. So they know when they enter the carpet that, oh, that's Sally Sue from Gossip Girl. So basically tips them off on who is going to be there and then once they're actually at the event they kind of have an idea of how to spell the name, what they look like. So it just makes your event go a lot more seamlessly. The people that receive a tip sheet are the people that are actually covering my event. Like I said, it's very similar to a media alert except what the difference is for the tip sheet is it's basically photos of the celebrities that you expect and how to spell their names. And they would go out to all the people covering the red carpet.

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