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Basic Camping Supplies, Part 2

Learn the basic camping supplies you need from Heather Menicucci, author of Let's Get Primitive, in this Howcast video, part two of two.


You're definitely going to need bug spray. If you're anything like me and you hate bugs, but you still camp. You should probably bring sunscreen as well as a little first aid kit. I'm not one of those campers that thinks that I can fix some sort of crazy, scary snake bite in the middle of the woods.

I think the best first aid kit is just keys, because you should get out of the woods if something happens to you. But, some basic stuff like Band-Aids, something to clean wounds, moleskin, all that stuff is definitely good to have. Advil, in case of headache. Anything for upset stomachs, Pepto, that kind of stuff. Just your basic bathroom medicine cabinet needs.

Flashlights and lots of them, I like to have a couple around. Because I like to actually scatter them around the campsite. Keep one in my tent, but also keep one over by the food. Just have one around at all times, and extra batteries. You know that the very first time you go to use your new flashlight somehow the batteries are all drained out.

I like to also bring cloth gloves, like work gloves, because breaking up firewood is really hard on your hands. I want to be able to do it and do it really well, because I want to have a great fire. I like to bring gloves so that I can do it fast and do it well. Finally, I always bring a shovel for the cat hole. The truth about the woods is that you're going to have to poop in a hole, so you should bring a shovel with you to make that hole.

So that's really, you know, roughly it although it evolves for me with every trip. You will forget something. On one of my trips, I forgot all the forks, knives, and spoons, so there was nothing to eat with. We were beach camping. We found all these broken up shells, and we used them to shovel beans and rice in our mouth. You'll have to figure out ways around what you forget, but it will pretty much ensure that you do not forget that stuff next time.

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